Finding Your Sweet Balance in the New Year



With the start of the new year comes a renewed sense of optimism in our goals, specifically our desire to stay in shape and eat consciously. Although you will often see the gym packed in January, and plenty of healthy food recipes, our goals can often become too impossible, and by February we are back to unhealthy habits.

The good news is you can still enjoy your favorite sweet treats, like the Oblaten, while still having a healthy 2017. Here are some ways to keep those sweet treats in your life without giving up on your health goals:

1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise 

We all have busy lives, and sometimes finding the time to get even a walk in seems impossible. A great way to hold yourself accountable is to schedule your fitness activities right into your calendar. Then, as a reward after a workout let yourself have a small sweet treat. For example, try a new fitness class you have never tried before, and thought there was no way you could do, for whatever reason. After, let that sweet treat be your reward. An excellent way to balance out your sweets is to make it a bit more healthy by adding some fruit and a cup of tea.

2. Plan ahead

Just like with exercise, it can also help to plan out your meals and sweet treats for the week to help you stay on track, while also keeping in mind portion sizes. Take some time to look into some of your favorite cookbooks or food blogs, looking for recipes with a balance of colors, and not too heavy on one food group over the other. When you plan a dinner that is balanced and satisfying, you will be less likely to over indulge in sweets that leave you feeling unbalanced.

3. Practice mindfulness 

The new year can often be a stressful time, the weather is often cold, and you are probably coming off of a fun holiday with family and friends. When we feel sad and stressed, many turn to sweets as a way to feel better. But sadly, you likely won’t even enjoy your sweet reward if you use it as a stress reliever. Take some time each day to take a quiet moment to yourself, it can even be at your office desk, and just relax. Go ahead and plan out your day so it is manageable and do-able. Make a plan to invite a friend or family member over at the end of a long week to enjoy the Original Carlsbad Oblaten as a way to enjoy a mindful treat, without derailing your goals.

How do you find ways to enjoy sweets, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Let us know below!


One thought on “Finding Your Sweet Balance in the New Year

  1. This cookie has helped me lose 40lbs and keep it off. It is a great little treat that satisfies big time! I am a devoted user. Never without them if I can help it.

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