How to have a Successful Get Together with Friends


With long cold winter months still upon much of the country, or the lucky few that have seen some warmer weather, having a get together with friends is always a fun way to spend an evening. But with busy schedules, it can often be difficult to find time, let alone coordinate a fun evening. However a get together doesn’t need to be stressful, and in fact can be a de-stressor for many people. Here are five ways to ensure your get together will be successful, fun, and a chance to make a fun memory.

1. Get organized and tidy up early

So many of us try and get tidy the night before the party, or even the day of, but this is simply not manageable. Try and start getting things cleaned up at least a week before, and it doesn’t need to be a major clean up project. For example, on Monday I am going to dust the living room. Then create a task for the next day, before you know it the whole house or apartment will be ready to go.

2. Decide if this is going to be a dinner party, or just appetizers, or even just dessert.

If you want to go the extra mile and plan out everything from appetizers, to the main meal, to dessert, more power to you. But, if the idea of planning a huge party just isn’t your vibe, appetizers or dessert can still be just as fun, and perfectly acceptable. Personally, I think a dessert party is a fun idea because so many of us only indulge in special desserts around the holidays. Regardless of what you decide, don’t over complicate it. Some of the best get togethers I have been to have been centered around easy meals, and even foods your guests can assemble themselves.

3. Plan a fun activity

Again, don’t overthink this part. Have your guests recently gone on a trip? Find out if they can bring a few pictures over so you can learn more about their trip? Instead of having a dinner party get together, why not have a baking party with your close friends? You’re not planning a minute by minute plan of what comes first and second, many times the best get togethers happen just having casual conversation and catching up.


What do you think? Do you have a recipe to share? Have you recently used the Oblaten in a dessert? Let us know below!


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