Comfort Foods

Mac & Cheese, chicken noodle soup, buttery mashed potatoes. The frigid winter months often make us crave comfort foods. Some researchers think it’s our biological instincts telling us to load up on calories for the coming winter months; therefore, we naturally crave higher-calorie foods. Maybe it’s also due to heading home for the holidays and having … More Comfort Foods

Cyber Week Deals!

This is your opportunity to take advantage of our annual Cyber Week Deals! Read carefully as we have three specials for you that begin now and last through Friday, December 2nd for online orders only! Special one: Order any THREE Original Carlsbad Oblaten items of the same package size (flavors may be mixed) and receive … More Cyber Week Deals!

Customer Loyalty Specials – through Nov 11!

As many of you might know, our website has been down the past few weeks for upgrades to our software. While we still have work to do to update the actual website pages, the behind-the-scenes improvements will allow faster and even more secure transactions. As a thank you for your patience, we’re offering this customer … More Customer Loyalty Specials – through Nov 11!


Halloween is just around the corner! It’s certainly a great time of year full of apple picking, pumpkin carving, and costume decorating. And who doesn’t love the sweet treats that abound?  Unfortunately, with the alarming amount of sugar and fat in the favorite candies you love,  you may be looking for a healthier sweet-treat alternative. Luckily, our Original Carlsbad Oblaten® are … More Halloween!

Food and memories

Our senses help up perceive the world around us, and are deeply linked to our memories. Have you ever smelled an apple pie baking and were transported back in time to your childhood when your grandmother would bake a pie when you visited? Our senses are an integral part to how we interact with and perceive the … More Food and memories

Fall Oblaten Snack Ideas

Crunchy and colorful leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, and warm cider. Can there be a better season than autumn? Whether you are camping outdoors in the cool air, apple picking, or curled up by the fireside, our Original Carlsbad Oblaten® is always a fantastic snack. When camping: Make some Original Carlsbad Oblaten® s’mores using our chocolate oblaten in place of graham … More Fall Oblaten Snack Ideas

Eat, Sleep, and Sun

What is our circadian rhythm? As the Huffington Post describes, our daily lives are dictated by our circadian rhythms, or “…physiological, mental and behavioral changes governed by the body within a 24-hour clock, according to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.” How does it function? Sunlight, as well as other environmental signals, have enormous impacts … More Eat, Sleep, and Sun